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Welcome to the official website of TJ and his Wheelable Chair where you can find details on my children's books which are based on my son TJ. I hope you enjoy visiting my page and learning all about TJ and his Adventures!



My first book TJ and his Wheelable Chair was published in December 2016.  I wrote it to help create a better awareness and understanding of children with disabilities.  In 2019 TJ and his Wheelable Chair was a finalist in the People's Book Prize UK.   In February 2020, The Adventures of TJ and his Wheelable Chair was published.  My second book focuses on TJ taking his reader on a new adventure as he travels to London and shares all the fun things he sees and does, again showing how disabilities are no barrier to a happy and fulfilling life.


The real 'TJ'

TJ was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and a learning disability when he was 10 months old. What this means for TJ is he needs a wheelable chair to get around and is non verbal.  However this doesn't mean he is not able to communicate. He communicates through  body language and expression. TJ's first book shows all the things he loves to do and how he loves to play and have fun just like everyone else.  TJ is 12 year's old and attends a fantastic school in Dublin called Scoil Mochua.  TJ lives with his Mum, Dad and sister Emily and younger brother Dylan.


The Adventures of TJ and his Wheelable Chair

February 28th 2020

TJ takes his readers on a new adventure where he travels to London and visits the zoo and takes in a concert later that evening.


 TJ and his Wheelable Chair

December 16th 2016

TJ and his Wheelable Chair is Amanda's debut book which introduces the reader to TJ.  TJ shows how his disability is no barrier to a happy and fulfilling life


The Illustrations for both my books are based on photos of TJ - You can view some of the photos and illustrations by clicking below.  

"The louder I will laugh, the faster the ride goes, excitement running through me, all the way to my toes!"

Amanda Kehoe


"My Wheelable Chair was left to the side as I held Mummy's hand and walked around with a stride"

Amanda Kehoe

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Amanda has done various readings in libraries, schools and bookshops throughout Ireland, the UK and US.  She was part of the Kildare Young Reader's Festival in 2018 and CelticCon at June Fest in 2019.  Amanda attended The Orange County Children's Book Festival in both 2017 & 2018 where she was invited to speak on the Middle Grade Stage about the story behind her books.

Amanda Kehoe


The Adventures of TJ and his Wheelable Chair - read by Amanda & TJ

We recently took part in the Virtual Orange County Children's Book Festival and you can view myself and TJ reading our latest book here!


"I love to practice walking every single day, It makes me so happy when I hear well done! Hurray!"

Amanda Kehoe



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Story Monsters Approved Award 2020

I am delighted to announce that both TJ and his Wheelable Chair and The Adventures of TJ and his Wheelable Chair have received The Story Monsters 2020 Seal of Approval. What makes this award so special is it is not only judged by industry experts but also by children who recommend these books to other kids of similar age. I feel so honoured that both books have this Seal of Approval in both the Early Reader category and for Books That Make a Difference.